Because Their Lives Matter.

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A&B Animal Rescue of SW Arkansas is a facility base NO KILL rescue based in Ashdown, Ar., that takes in ALL breeds. Our primary focus is dogs. We are a group of animal loving volunteers that have opened up our hearts to the overwhelming dumped and abandoned dog population, in our area. The demand for a NO KILL facility in the region is paramount. Animals deserve the best life and unfortunately there are way too many that are abandoned, abused, suffering, and EUTHANIZED! This can be due to puppy mills, backyard breeders, and irresponsible owners. Our goal is to save these animals and put them into not just any home, but the RIGHT home because; THEIR LIVES MATTER!
A&B Animal Rescue of SW Arkansas Inc’s mission is to rescue, fully vet and re-home these worthy souls. We stress the benefits of Spay, Neutering and Microchipping
✱ Because animals are part of our environment, the relationship between people and animals is unique and special.
✱ Since humans have chosen to domesticate animals, we have a moral and legal responsibility to care for and protect them.
✱ Yet many have failed in this responsibility. Man has exploited and endangered these animals.
✱ Man has abandoned their companion animals, condemning them to suffering, starvation and disease.
✱ Man has allowed thousands of unwanted puppies and kittens to be born each day, thus perpetuating the cycle of neglect and abuse.
✱ To protect animals from this cruelty, our community needs A&B Animal Rescue of SW Arkansas.
✱ We seek to uplift the community by encouraging the humane treatment of animals, and to educate the community on the humane treatment of animals.


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We are trying to provide our dogs with Kuranda ShelterBeds. A ShelterBed is a
life-changing gift! Kuranda ShelterBeds are Made in the USA and are specifically designed
to resist chewing and digging. These beds provide essential comfort to our pets -- helping
them sleep better, reducing stress behaviors and increasing their chance for adoption! Best
of all, the beds are easy to clean. That means less time cleaning runs, less time in the
laundry room and more time walking dogs and playing with cats. To donate a bed, visit
A&B Animal Rescue of SW Arkansas’ wish list at 
or if you can't buy a bed but would still like to help get a bed, donate via our paypal to put towards a bed.
Click for PayPal.
(please put in notes: "Kuranda ShelterBed")

Why choose Kuranda ShelterBeds when you can do it yourself or when there are
cheaper options, or even use some hand-me-down furniture? Kuranda ShelterBeds are
chosen by shelters across the country because they prevent disease and are extremely
durable. Disease can spread easily in shelters and their safety is our top priority.
Kuranda shelters beds are high quality and long lasting and are sure to keep the dogs
and cats safe and comfortable for years and years to come so thank you for donating.

Here is a video we have made as a thank you
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